Poul R Weile was born in Denmark in 1954, and educated on the Academy of Arts in Odense, Denmark from 1979 – 1984.
Now he’s working and living in Berlin, Germany. He has lived and worked as an artist since 1984, in all fields of visual art.

“The Idea chooses the material – not the other way around.”

Poul R. Weile has more big works in Public – and is represented in more museums around the world.
Art is his life and therefore it is his tool of communication. In his work Poul R. Weile invites to a dialogue
- and challenges the viewer to self reflection. Poul R. Weile has no “style” – life has no “style”.
His “non-style” has become his signature.

“Art is a way to de-construct Arts own image.”

Preben Winther, Kunstavisen ( Danish art review paper), writes:
The homour is continuous, the wild game, the juxtaposition of kitsch and art, the odd incident,
the constant work forward outwards in the metier, the eternal quest for gold at the end of the rainbow.
The quest which Poul R. Weile know IS the gold. And he is down to earth in his attitude to himself as an artist.
“No need to feel stupid,” he invokes in his basic attitude to his audience. He swallows impressions of the world,
of life, swallowing them ferociously. He knows that they are the ones he needs, because:
” art arises when the impression is reflected.”

” Art is the only drug that is still permitted in our society.”

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