The fantastic 4

 The Fantastic Four

“The Fantastic Four” was a Sculpture Symposium which I curated using the Baltic States as a starting point. The idea: 4 artists from 4 Baltic States, had 14 days to create a sculpture group consisting 4 artworks the size as tall as a man, in various materials:
Rainer Roland, steel – Mats Kläpp, wood – Mariuz Gill, stone, and Poul R. Weile, bronze. The title ”the Fantastic Four” refers to the sculptures function as guardians of the free art. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible later on to keep the four sculptures united.

“The Fantastic Four” Vestsjællands Amts Kunstnerværksteder, Jyderup – 2005
Rainer Roland (Germany) Mats Kläpp (Sweeden) Mariuz Gill (Poland)
Poul R. Weile (Denmark)

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