in 3D RED/blue performance for CUT-festival – Berlin, May 2013

In 3D – RED/blue

In 3D – Red/blue is an experiment that works with our experience of space and perception.

As commonly known, the human being, when moving around we are constructing the world in three dimensions. Our ability to watch a three-dimensional image on a film screen, a television screen or a computer screen, i.e. on a two-dimensional surface, is due to the fact that each eye  receives its own slightly modified signal. Basically, it is the same way we are able to percept. Because our eyes are placed with a little distance from each other and the brain gets two different perceptions with slightly different views it is possible for us to simulate depth by varying the difference between the signals to our two eyes.

Today the film screen, the television screen and the computer screen are so inseparable parts of our society and everyday life and many of us don’t think about our way to perceive, the fact that it is an optical illusion and not reality.

In the performance “in 3D – Red/blue” the above mentioned issues are questioned in a playful and slightly ironical way.

Traditionally the 3D glasses are used to create depth in images i.e. two-dimensional plane. The illusion of depth in the anaglyphen system is created when a scene consisting of both red and blue, is viewed through red and blue (cyan) glasses.

But what happens when the two-dimensional world is replaced by a three-dimensional reality? What happens when the audience is given a pair of 3D glasses and through the two-colored glass look at a physical space full of red and blue balloons?

Will the viewing experience/perception become flat? What does the negation of the negation?

Those are the questions that “ in 3D – Red/blue” will examine in close relation to a participating audience.

A space is filled up with red and blue balloons, half of them with helium, the other half with air.

Three woman painted with red/blue latex are placed in the space full of balloons.

The audience will enter the space, a maximum of 5 people at a time. The rest has to wait outside and can view the room from outside.

All are supplied with 3D anaglyphen-glasses.


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